Panting, I ran. I couldn’t go back. At least, not to where I had once called home. No, if I go back they’ll surely kill me, even after all those years I’m sure they wouldn’t show me any mercy. After all, it was my fault. All my fault, I was supposed to kill him.
Why? Why didn’t I do my duty? I had done it many times before but why was this one so much harder to do? If I had killed him it would’ve benefited me and I wouldn’t have to be killed. Was this time any different than before?
Then, I looked back at him. The familiar brown eyes that had me ensnared in his presence. I wanted to stop, just to look at him. I suddenly remembered when we first met. The day I had been given my mission. I had to be a secretary to a CEO who was a target of “the organization” and I had to gain his trust before killing him.
I knew I might’ve have gotten attached to him but I didn’t expect to entangled in his web of lies. That year of undercover work helped me know his daily work schedule but it also lead me into his life. His daily life of an ordinary man. I was trapped and I had failed.
Because of my ridiculous emotions, I was now running. Running from the organization, and from him. Suddenly, tears were flowing down my cheeks. I stopped running and touched the side of my cheek with my finger. The only other time I had cried was when my mother had left me. Why was I crying now?
Was I that attached to him? Was this what they called love?
I didn’t know anymore. I ran away from it all hoping I could run away from my failure and my whole life.
But I couldn’t. Not anymore, that is.