Let me tell you a story
For I have not long to live

There is a legend
A story
Of two lovers
The love of death and life

Death, Life
Him, her
They fight

Sometimes, death wins
Yet there still is hope
For life can still show
Her mercy, and triumph over him

Though life is convincing
Death is sometimes a tyrant
Like a drunken man,
He pounds his fist

Please, cries she
Let them go
No, they must die
Says he, pushing her away

Once death has come upon someone
Life’s pity shows and death’s guilt is evident
For that person shall live again
In heaven or hell

But like lovers
There are days they don’t fight
When his mercy shows
For on those days, life and death are happy

Life flourishes
New life is born
And she brings joy
Joy to those who have received

While death ends
The suffering of those who are ill
His job is surely the hardest
For the pain he feels is limitless

Tearing apart loved ones
Killing mothers, fathers and children
But those who have died are watching
Watching and guiding their loved ones in heaven

And so, my darling
When my time comes
And death has ended
My suffering

Do not rage at death nor life
But thank them, for I will be watching over you in heaven