I’m pretty much a high school student who’s a wannabe writer. 😀

I’ve started two or three novels.. both of which are unfinished. As of now, I’m looking for a good idea and I’m pretty lazy with my writing since I have a lot to do with school and such..C: Right now I’m just starting the 100 Themes Challenge to try to improve my writing.

The updates for my writings will probably appear here first but they might be on my deviantART/Blogger/Booksie so just check the website/blog spot. 😀 In case you can’t find it I’ll put the link here.

Blogger: http://storycravings.blogspot.com/

DeviantART: http://emo-onigiri.deviantart.com/

Booksie [Updates Faster]: http://www.booksie.com/Adal